Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Organizing our "office"...

Okay... so we don't really have an office so we have had to improvise with this little shelf behind our couch.  It is slightly visible in our "great room" so we really should keep it clean and organized.  Here is the problem: get a piece of paperwork we say, "oh, we will file it later."  One piece of paperwork turns into a pile and kaboom... our before picture.

First I just sifted through it... and used my typical piles
goes here
goes somewhere else.

Then I thought it might work to create a file that just simply says "to be filed" that is easily assessable.  So even if I don't file right away... everything should have its place!

So glad this is organized... it makes me feel like I can start the school year... kind of :)

What have you been organizing???

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