Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Organizing our living room storage...

I have already been all about some deep cleaning... pantryfridge, and bathroom storage...

and now for our living room storage!

One of the best decisions that we made when we moved into our little apartment is we bought some storage crates to put under our coffee table. When you have a small place you have to get creative, and this was how we managed all of our individual school work without it sitting out all of the time.

Sometimes our crates get a little disorganized, and we need to revisit them to reinstate them to their full usefulness in our lives.

We have six crates that fit under our coffee table, and each has its own purpose (my school, Andrew's school, school supplies, etc.).  I go through one crate at a time sorting it into three piles:

1. What stays in that crate.
2.  What goes somewhere else .
3. What gets thrown away.

I organize each crate then go back to the "What goes somewhere else" pile and put it all away.  I having these organized help us to keep our whole apartment better organized.

What space have you organized lately???

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