Monday, July 9, 2012

Updated Bucket List 7.8.12 (one day late)

Here is what we have been up to the past week!
My bucket list progress...

  • We watched Downton Abby... seriously, all of it.  One, because it is addicting.  Two, because Andrew has been sick and that is what we have been watching as he recovers!

  • We celebrated the 4th of July... by seeing fireworks and having a hotdog competition (not to be mistake n with a hotdog eating competition).  Each person who wanted to made their own hotdog creations.  Andrew and I did not make one, but we were the judges... and I can honestly say I have never eaten such delicious hotdogs in my life!
some of the Luling fireworks...

andrew and I enjoying the fireworks

amazing "corndogs"  thank you jen... these were so good!

Muffaletta dogs... yummmm...

Chili mac n' cheese dogs... mmmm :)

Katie, Becky and Lorraine enjoying the winning hotdogs!

  • We celebrated 2 years in NOLA, by eating at Dat Dog.  I have come to realize this was a big week for hotdogs... and I don't even like hotdogs that much!

  • I went to the lake with two dear friends, Ally and Jes... I will make a post later about how AMAZING our time was, but for now here are some pics!

  • Oh yea.. I made more red beans and rice than I meant to... it tastes amazing, but our apartment still smells like it!  Speaking of, any advise on how to get rid of the smell???

Things I would like to read progress...

    • The Last Song by Nicolas Sparks... I finished reading this and it was not even on my summer list... and I think I may have read it before.  Oh well, I enjoyed it, I better get cracking on actual summer list if I want to finish!
    • The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer- in progress
    • Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abby- in progress

    My Summer Bucket List...

    • blog twice a week- in progress
    • deep clean house- in progress
    • learn to sew-  in progress
    • take more pictures again-  in progress
    • research next car purchases (we are not ready to buy, just so we are ready when my car stops working)
    • money day with Andrew (where we just talk through our finances and review our goals)
    • go to the pool often
    • go to the beach
    • see my grandparents in Annapolis
    • see my grandparents in Ohio
    • have a cookout
    • watch Downton Abbey on Netflix
    Things I would like to read...

    What have you crossed of your list???


    1. Looks like you had a very delicious week! It amazes me what you do in that kitchen. Very impressive!

      1. It was a great week... and let's just say I have learned to be efficient with my kitchen space :)