Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quick to hear...

I laugh when I look at this picture. The words "I need this" are actually years old.  I laugh because God taught me this before, he is teaching it to me know, and he will probably teach it to me again.  I am a slow learner... huh?

This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger

James 1:19 NASB

You see, for me it all to often goes more like this: Quick to anger, quick to speak, and slow to hear.   This comes from my selfishness.  For instance when I think about anger and speaking, both of those things are focused on myself, while listening or hearing is focused on other.  It makes me wonder, Am I really that focused on myself?  And this is the human condition, the flesh, what we as human beings fight every single day.

So I am trying now to give this up to God.  He reminds me that everyone does not need to hear my opinions and emotions all the time, especially if I have not heard theirs.

It reminds me of how I need to be with my husband.

And hugely reminds me of how I should be with my kiddos at school.  Three weeks from yesterday, they will wonder in my room.  And if you have ever thought you had this verse together, you probably have not taught a class of third graders... trust me I have been broken and surprised at myself (not in a good way).  But I am reminded now of how much taking this verse to heart will show my kiddos Christ.  

So I focus now... I pray this verse
quick to hear
slow to speak
slow to anger


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