Sunday, February 24, 2013

36 Weeks...

How far along?  36 and a half weeks!!!  A little less than a month... I can't believe it!
Total weight gain- 33 pounds as of the doctor on Thursday... all baby of course! 
Baby Related Purchases-
Lots of cloth diapers... post about this coming soon!
Baby K'tan... I wanted a Moby wrap but this seemed like a lot of the benefits with a lot less complication.  On of the drawbacks is that it is sized so it will only fit me, but hopefully we will get a Ergo at some point???
Stretch marks- nope
Movement- Still tons of movement and hiccups.  When she hiccups I feel bad, I know how uncomfortable that is!
What I miss- Running!!! Especially this morning.  I saw people running a half marathon and I couldn't help but think, this time last year I would do that!  Maybe I will be able to again this time next year :)  
Cravings- I have one word... sweets. 
Anything making you queasy or sick- Still feeling pretty good!
Gender- Girl!!!!! Check out our thoughts on our little girl :)
Labor- not yet! 
Symptoms- I feel like my emotions are going a little crazy right now... not always bad, but they feel like they are running away with me more than usual.  Certain days I feel completely exhausted... like can't keep my eyes open or take another step and others I feel fine.
Worries- I have had a little cold which always makes me worried for little Ms. Bailey... but she is still moving all over the place
Best moments of the week...
Finished up the nursery... post coming soon!!!
Looking forward to...
*Meeting Bailey Drew... not too long now!!!! 
*Helping throw a baby shower for a sweet friend Charlotte and baby James today!
*Maternity pictures... we are going the cheap route... I will have a friend take them then edit them myself!  We shall see how it goes!  We keep getting pushed back because of rain and sickness, hopefully we will get to them before she gets here!
Size of baby- weighs as much as a crenshaw melon... if only I knew what that was...
What the baby is up to- (from 
Your baby is still packing on the pounds — at the rate of about an ounce a day. She now weighs almost 6 pounds (like a crenshaw melon) and is more than 18 1/2 inches long. She's shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered her body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected her skin during her nine-month amniotic bath. Your baby swallows both of these substances, along with other secretions, resulting in a blackish mixture, called meconium, will form the contents of her first bowel movement.

At the end of this week, your baby will be considered full-term. (Full-term is 37 to 42 weeks; babies born before 37 weeks are pre-term and those born after 42 are post-term.) Most likely she's in a head-down position.

Get Caught Up!!!

24 Weeks...
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