Thursday, May 2, 2013


I have been in serious denial. That we would be staying here in NOLA after this year. Recently we got confirmation from God of the truth we really already knew... we would be leaving New Orleans.

Pictures from New Orleans before we moved here!!!

It is funny that I am so emotional about this, that I have become so attached. The only time I visited NOLA before we knew we would be living here was the last time UGA was in the Sugar Bowl. I was here with a huge group from UGA including Andrew before we were engaged, and my dear friend Leah. At one point during the trip I turned to them and said, "I will never live here!" So naturally all three of us have been living here for the past three years!

Sweet times in NOLA :)

Then once we felt called here, I told Andrew I wanted to stay here as short of a time as possible. Yet again God changed our hearts... We decided to stretch school out for Andrew for 3 years instead of pushing it and finishing in 2. We love our family, friends, church, ministries and jobs here... Our sweet Bailey Drew was born here... But here we are coming to realize this season is over. And I know I will be a little emotional when we leave...

The past couple of days have been really sad.  Officially resigning from my job for the next school year... I can't believe I won't be back.  Tuesday, at the last BCM of the year, I seriously started crying when they started singing "Friends are Friends Forever," can I blame the post-pregnancy hormones?  It is just real now, and I don't like it... in less than a month NOLA won't be our place of residence!

Have you ever been in that place? Where it is time for a change, but you want to cling to where you are?

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