Monday, June 10, 2013

baby + beach...

We went to the beach this past week for our first time with Bailey Drew ... and it was loads of fun.  I didn't read 3 books at the beach like I normally do, but it was still super relaxing and fun to introduce BD to all these new things!
A while back I posted about some of the things that we had received or bought for the beach.   Now post beach I can share what things were truly necessary for us at the beach (remember our baby is about 2 1/2 months old).

1. Hat for the baby-  


This was a necessity for us.  Sun off face and eyes at all times? Yes please.  A plus would be some sort of strap that keeps it on their head... it is windy at the beach!

2. Coverup for the beach-


This was great!  I kind of wish we had one more.  Kept her cool and protected from the sum.  Plus she will wear it again when not at the beach :)!

3. Swim diapers-


We chose Kushie reusable swim diapers.  This would be a YES if she were a little older.  We went swimming put her in the water a few times, but she did not get that much use overall.  I think they might be a worth while purchase as we will  try to use them into September when she is a little older.  The great thing about these as opposed to disposable swim diapers is they close up like regular diapers a opposed to pulling up.  With pulling up I imagine you might pull in sand.

4. Swim shirt/bathing suits-

Swim shirt- yes!  Bathing suit- Maybe... 

We loved the rash guard/swim shirts as she could wear them with a regular diaper or a swim diaper and they covered her skin while still keeping her cool.  The bathing suits seem to be just cute... not really functional.  I couldn't see putting one on her with a regular diaper (maybe I should have) and she was only in a swim diaper for a few minutes at a time.  Again, when she is a little older, more necessary... but the swim suits are so cute! :)

5. Tent-

Yes.. ish

This tent was so easy to put up, but I actually would have liked it to be a little bigger.    It would be tight to fit 2 chairs in the shade.  It was cool while we were at the beach, but had it been hot... it might have gotten really hot in there... we might bring a battery powered fan next time.  A simple umbrella would have mostly worked, or maybe one of those canopy tents. We will use it again, she did take some sweet naps in it. 

6. Baby wearer-


Specifically the Ergo!  Honestly I had been scared to use it, but one of our friends from our birthing class talked about how easy it was, so I tried.  I walked her out to the beach in it, and almost every time she was asleep by the time we got to the beach.  So then we would go on long walks with her in the ergo.  I even played bocce ball, corn hole and ladder golf with her in it! While it was cool most of our time, the ergo was also cooler than jersey wraps, so I was able to wear her without being uncomfortably hot.  

7. SPF wash in to clothing


Honestly, we didn't even use it.  It was just so busy before the beach... no time.  I will probably wash her beach stuff in it... but I am not sure it is neccesary!

8. Sunglasses-


She looked super cute in them :) and when it got super sunny they were great.  Were they neccesary at this age?  Probably not.  I do think she will wear them until she is 2 so they are probably worth while.

AND, 2 other things we ended up getting.

1. Sunscreen-


I know, I know, they say don't use sunscreen until babies are 6 months old.  This was a lesser of evils situation for us.  The main reason "they" say not to use sunscreen on little bit is because it might irritate their sensitive skin.  We just did some research ahead og time got an organic sunscreen, and tested it before we went.  We tried to use it as little as possible, but if her skin was at all exposed we put it on!  She was fine, no adverse reactions.

2. Pool float


This goes on the list of fun for pictures... when she gets a little older this will be a total yes :)



  1. We just bought that beach tent :) And I agree about baby wearing!

  2. Where did you get the coverup from? It's so cute!

  3. Just came across this post! We took our 2 month old to the beach last July, What a waste it was for me to buy baby bathing suits. UGH. I agree about the coverups and we just took the rock n play for her to hang out in when she was sleeping. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be with a 2 month old. We also had a portable fan that we attached to the rock n play when she got hot! and sunglasses are a must. Swim diapers..nope. We didn't swim. This year my daughter will be 15 months when we go to the beach, I'm sure she'll be a little bit more fun:)