Tuesday, June 4, 2013

good bye NOLA...

New Orleans, the place I NEVER thought I would live, and NEVER thought I would love.  Last week, many tears were shed over this move.  This was by far the hardest move we have made emotionally.  
God has used this place to really shape us as a couple, and as a family.
We have made some of the best friends we have ever had.  Real, deep friendships, the kind that are really DOING life together.
We have seen friends know and grow in Christ.
I worked at a place that grew me as a teacher... I am not nearly the same teacher that started there 3 years ago.  Bigger than that, the teachers I worked with became more than coworkers, they became true friends.
We learned about BEING the church right where we are!
We have seen college students really grow in their faith... making it their own!
The thing is about New Orleans is that people that are from there love it, many never want to leave... and they expect you to love it just as much.  As much as we like the city, it is the PEOPLE  we have grown to LOVE and will truly miss.

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