Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thoughts on "good babies" and "those days"

Hey moms... has anyone ever asked you if you have a "good baby?" 

 I have been asked since the beginning and have really struggled with this question. If by good baby, you mean do I think my baby is inherently good, then the answer is no. I believe she has a sin nature (as do all of us)... I won't teach her to do things like disobey and lie... She will do that on her own. But I don't think that is what people mean by this question.

I think, as unintentional as it may be, they mean does your child behave the way you want them to most/all of the time. Sleep through the night, not cry in public (or at all for that matter), smile and coo all the time and the like. And I think as moms we take this question personly... Aka it affects our pride. Are we good enough moms to have "good babies."

Confession: I was with a friend the other day when her son's diaper exploded... I was relieved.  Whew, I am not the only one who experiences "mom fails." I think all this talk about "good babies" makes moms feel crazy about babies just being babies. And it makes us take pride when our babies behave the way we want them to- "I did that!" And cover up when our babies don't do what we want or what is expected.

I am attempting to let go of this "good baby" mentality. So if you are ever struggling as a mom because you can't get your baby to sleep through the night, take naps, get on a schedule or whatever let it go... There are much more important things to teach your baby down the road.  I am trying not to work on covering up when it has been rough... Especially when I am just trying to keep up this good mom/good baby picture. Trying to remember that social media only shows a person's highlight reel... While I live the behind the scenes.

Let's get real... yes, BD cries... especially in her carseat and when I try to get her to nap :(

So if you feel like you are having one of "those" days... I've been there too and I think if all moms were honest, they've been  there as well!

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