Tuesday, July 2, 2013

best cards ever...

 I don't like the Hallmark greeting card section.  Nothing against you if you love it, but I have just never been much for the mass produced cards.  In fact, when I have to pick one up, I get frustrated about paying $2.99 (or more) for a piece of paper and choose to pick one up from the 99 cent section.  If I have planned ahead I just use a plain boring notecard.
Melissa, a sweet friend of mine hand-makes the cutest cards... seriously.  Here is the link to her etsy shop.  And she makes them out of recycled things!  Bits of paper, fabric etc!  I am trying to start using these instead of cheesy mass produced cards or plain card stock. 
The last set I bought cost $8 for a set of 5 unique cards.  That is less than $2 a card... and they are truly special and individual.  I can also write a personal note in them that is more meaningful.  
Since these cards are so cool, I am doing my first giveaway!
The winner will get a set of 4 cards, pictured below!  

This set is so cute... I want them!
So how do you enter??? You can enter 3 times... and that means 3 chances to win!
1.  Favorite Melissa's Etsy page.
2. Leave a comment below.
3. Become a follower of my blog.
Get excited... I will pick a winner Sunday night!


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