Friday, August 23, 2013

BD 5 months...

 BD 5 months...

Monthly Milestones


First day of preschool... totally beat and fell asleep on the way home! :)

BD can spin all the way in a circle on her playmat! She also can roll proficiently both ways and push herself forward to get a toy! (Should have caught these things on video...)

When she mumbles, she says "Mom" all the time... I know she doesn't mean to, but it still makes my day everytime!

Milestone? Not sure... but the spit and drool are out of control!


Enjoying our rocking snow leopard!

We were sitting up last month... but this month we have gotten quite proficient at it! :)

Favorite Things...

The Georgia Bulldogs... of course :)

Baby spoons.  It sounds silly, but we let her munch on them while we are eating... she drops all toys for these!

Walker/jumper thing

Any cup, straw or water bottle... seriously, these are her favorite...

Chewing on anything.  And this picture proves that hair bows are no longer just for looks... hair is in her eyes!

Still loves the high chair and the minion!

She loves bath time as, as long as she is not too tired.  She does NOT like getting dressed after her bath!

Still rocking tummy time!


Loves her giraffes... talks tot hem all the time!


This is random... but the tags on any and everything.  I think she likes them because they are so smooth?  Maybe they feel good on her gums?  Some of the toys tags are quite small and it seems like this is a way she has been working on her pincer grip!


Books... mostly eating them!

Hanging at the BCM :)


Got an exact measurement a few weeks ago... 18lbs 9 oz... probably a little more now???


27 1/2 inches I think???

Clothing Size...

6-12 month

Sleep Patterns...

It is not perfect, but it sure got better this month!  She has learned to fall asleep on her own, but prefers eating to fall asleep.  She still wakes up 1-2 times at night.... sometimes I feed her and sometimes I let her fall back asleep! :)

Eating Patterns...

Wakes up once at night to eat.  Eats 6-7 times a day total including 1 bottle.  When we give her a bottle she eats about 6 ounces.  No solid foods yet, we are trying very hard to get her to make it to 6 months before we give her any. We plan on doing Baby Led Weaning... so no purees! :) She has hit all the milestones she needs to except hitting that 6 month mark.  The other day she grabbed a piece of cantaloupe of my plate and started sucking on it!  Let's just say I know by the diaper she was able to eat a bit of it.  We will have to keep her a little further from the table to make it to 6 months.

Outings and Celebrations...

My mom/Nona came to visit!
Celebrated the end of summer with Brusters! :)

More time in the pool:)

We went to help at the GSU ZTA bid day :)
*Little Bit

*Little Chunk

*Chunky monkey

*Bailey Boo

*Bailey Boo Hoo

*Bailey Bug

*Bailey, Bailey Drew (Sung to the tune of Scooby Doo)

*Spit up queen- seriously she spits up all the time (this can also be sung to the tune of dancing queen)

Things others have said about you...

*"She has so much hair!"

*"She is so big!"

*"Is she secretly older?"

*"She is chill//easy going"

Things we have noticed about you...

* You are so interested in eating and drinking "real" food.
*You seem really chill about things.
*You love seeing all different people! Little social butterfly.
*Persistent and determined... still

For Bailey Drew...

How has another month gone by? Our hearts could just explode as I watch you grow and learn.  You are doing so much! I can't believe that 5 short months ago she had just joined us... now we can't imagine our life without you.  You are precious to us and we pray for you each day :)!  

Looking back...

BD 3 month...

BD 2 month...

BD 1month...

Birth Story...

Bailey Drew is here!!!


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