Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Teacher Talk (week 1)

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for a little teacher talk this week! :)
As many of you know, I have had a crazy and exciting teaching journey that has spans 2 states, 4 grade levels and almost 5 years of teaching.  I started my teaching career in January of 2009 (yes the middle of the year), in Augusta, Georgia teaching 3rd grade. After that half year of teaching, I was told I would be teaching 1st grade the following year.  Prepared all summer for 1st grade, a few weeks into school got switched to 2nd grade. And boom there it was, first year of teaching- 3 grade levels in less than a year... I can honestly say I never thought that would happen!  Then we moved to New Orleans and I returned to 3rd grade.  The school I was at was ALL about moving teachers around, so naturally I ended up staying in 3rd all three years we were there!

So this brings us to now... the year I said I would take a break, that I was not going to teach.  Then the opportunity came to teach half day, preschool at a church.  I couldn't resist this new adventure, and honestly it has been a sigh of fresh air.  I have never worked in private before, so it is nice to not have the so high intensity, must fit everything in mentality.  Don't get me wrong, still passionate about teaching public and I assume I will end back there one day (maybe after they have all of the common core stuff ironed out:)).

So fo now, I have seven, yes only seven 4 year old boys,

with an assistant.  And each day we are exploring and having loads of fun.  BD is right down the hall with her sweet teachers.  For right now, this will do:)!



  1. Love the little babies SO much. I feel like that is where I will be eventually. I hope you have the sweetest time with them this year!!

  2. I love the littles like crazy! It's my first year teaching and I have 12 per day but 18 total little 3 year old loves! So excited to read about your journey!

  3. Thanks y'all! I am loving the little ones so much!:)

  4. I love that our stories are so similar... two states, 4 schools, December 08 for me! :) and this year... I have 7 boys and 1 girl ;)Love ya girl! Keep doing what you're doing!

    (I know this is about a month late on commenting!:)

    1. I know! I don't think I would have believed that this would be my teaching story when I left college!