Monday, August 5, 2013

for Luling...

This post has been lingering over me for a long time.  I put the simple title down on my blog post list, as I often do when I get an idea, then it stayed blank.  I have had many jumbled thoughts about how to get this all out... and I am hoping that it does not come out so jumbled. 

In St. Charles Parish, the teachers start today (although many if not all have already been working in their classrooms to prepare)... but I will not be there. A week from today the kiddos will start their first day of school... but I will not be there.  For the past three years I have been placed at Luling Elementary... but this year, I will not be there, and it feels weird.

Three years ago, we were moving to Louisana so my husband could attend seminary, I was just going to find any teaching job I could while we were there.  I came upon this amazing school district by chance, after highlighting all of the parishes surrounding New Orleans and desperately looking for a job.  I was hoping for anything, but did not realize I would start a job that would impact my life so greatly.

I had taught a year and a half in Georgia, but was still new enough to be starry-eyed as I set up my classroom.  I was prepared to be great, or so I thought.  A week in, five 12 hour days (at least), and a few tearful nights with my husband... this was going to be harder than I thought.  All my self sufficiency was torn away- I was not going to be great, at least not on my own.
I first and formost let it all go to God (or tried to anyways, it was a daily process), teaching was not about me being great.  As the year progressed, I built relationships with 
top-of-the-line, fantastic, unbelievable teachers.  
I was supported by administrators and central office personal in a way that does not happen anymore- sidenote St. Charles Friends, yall are LUCKY, I have yet to see or hear of another school district that BELIEVES in their teachers like St. Charles does, in fact most school districts are doing the opposite right now.  

And so I grew as a teacher and as a person.  I was not an island, I was part of a team, we were stronger together (insert "you and I.. we are St. Charles Parish schools " slogan here).  
Each year I became more invested.  Each year I grew and learned.  Each year I came to love St. Charles Parish, especically Luling a little more.

So now I am 624 miles away (I googled it) and missing my sweet Luling family.  I wonder if I will ever work at a place like St. Charles Parish again and honestly, I know I won't.  It is one of a kind, and I was truly blessed to have my three years there.  I have accepted that it is okay, where I go from here will be different. 

But, I will never lose the lessons and relationships that grew me as not only a teacher, but also a person.  
Miss you Louisiana.
Miss you St. Charles Parish.
Miss you Luling.

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