Thursday, August 1, 2013

Going back to preschool...

Its true... I had every intention of staying home full time, but this opportunity fell into my lap and I am super excited about it.  I am going to be teach pre-kindergarten half day starting Monday.  This was something I was truly torn about, but BD is gong to be just a few doors down, with two teachers, and on some days she is the only baby.  She is going to get so much love and attention... and some time to socialize :). I will get to teach some itty bits, and we will be home by 12:30... guess that makes me a part time SHM????  I am currently learning to get out the door, on time, with everything we both need... this is no easy task.
It is a fun and weird transition.  Most of my preplanning was spent decorating the room and setting up learning centers.  Last year I was in meetings, working on curriculum mapping and data teams.  This year I am making sure we have an abundance of cutsie fun activities that are hands on.  Last year I feel like my focus was preparing them for the standardized test (I wanted to teach them too I promise!)
Welcome!!! :)

A place to hang work!

Writing Center

Our sweet meeting area :)

Currently, only have boys in my class... the blocks and trucks area was a total hit...

dramatic play... not so much!

Free art center!  Notice the wrapped boxes- they will get unwrapped as we intro new supplies! :)
I am looking forward to a good year (for BD and I), new experiences and fun.  Excited to see how God shows Himself in this new adventure! :)

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  1. How fun! They will LOVE you ... what a nice change from testing teaching! :-) Enjoy your new adventures!!