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BD 6 months...

 BD 6 months...

Monthly Milestones


*First time in a shopping cart! She loved it!

*First time eating solid foods... see eating patterns below and I will do a blog post soon on baby led weaning! :)

*I would say she is REALLY becoming mobile!  She can turn her whole body any direction she wants to, then scoot forward and backward using their arms and legs.  What is funny, is that she can figure out what makes her go forward and what makes her go backwards... so she will be tring to go one direction, but actually move the other.  And sometimes it looks like she is trying to pull up on things.  If I were to make a prediction it would be crawling very soon... but walking not until a year... she is just so chunky, it has got to be hard to lift that whole body up! :)

*She has been sitting up for quite sometime, but now she can really sit up and play independently for an extended period!
*Super baby push ups-  Bailey Drew has pretty much always loved tummy time. Now she likes to do this thing where she pushes up on her hands and toes... like she is doing a legit push up:)

*First run with me in the jogging stroller... another thing that is supposed to wait for 6 months, but it was a super smooth trail and BD has great head control.  She slept most of my 3 mile run! :)

Favorite Things...

*Taggie- a strange toy that I found at a baby consignment sale.  It has "tags all over it... since BD loves tags, this is a dream toy! :)

*Playmat... again!  Seriously, this simple playmat that we got for next to nothing last Black Friday has been one of the best things... for 6 months straight it has been her favorite!  She can now destroy it moving around to pull off every toy and link!

 *Standing with support! :)

*Anything paper/anything I am not supposed to have.   BD has managed to eat some paper this month. She also tries to get phones, remote controls, cords... really anything she is NOT supposed to have is better than a toy!

*Crib toy

*Walker like toy... thank you Abby and Greg for giving this to us ... she can't stop playing the little piano on it!

*Probably isn't safe... but it is exciting... BD loves being thrown, dipped, turned upside down... maybe a thrill seeker?  This picture... her face :)


Got an exact measurement a few weeks ago... 20lbs 2 oz... probably a little more now??? Praying for her to platau soon at least for a little bit so we can wear some of these clothes longer!!! :)


28 inches a few weeks ago... our carseat only goes to 30, so we will be making a switch soon!

Clothing Size...

6-12 month

Sleep Patterns...

Daytime sleep... you have become pretty much a rockstar!  Usually you get up in the morning around 6.  You might catch a catnap for 30 at school around 9:30, but many days you don't.  When we get home from school you take a long nap from about 12:30-3:00ish.  Depending upon whether you took a morning nap and how long your afternoon nap you might catch a 30 minute catnap in the afternoon.  So in other words 1 nap and a catnap, or just 1 nap a day.  From what I read babies don't usually do this for a while, but you are happy almost all the time, so I take it you are getting enough sleep.

At night, well, you mainly want to sleep with me... so much so that I would say we are a semi co-sleeping family.  Something I vowed I would never do!  But it really isn't bad and has mostly worked for us.  I still think it is time for you to be mostly in your crib, so we will work on it this coming month.

Eating Patterns...

Daytime you are great!  You are still breast-fed and you eat 5 times a day including your feeding before bed.

You have been showing all the signs for eating solid foods since about 4 months... and we tried very hard to wait until 6 months, but we ended up starting just a tad early since we could not keep our food away from you.  We are doing baby led weaning. This means the baby continues to get most of their nutrients from milk, preferably breast milk as you introduce solid foods.  You introduce foods that the baby can eat themselves and the baby self feeds.

BD has been all about the solid foods.  The book and blogs I read said that she may not actually eat any food for a month... but she has been eating tons since day one!  We have lots of pictures of the messy fun and look for a blog post in the near future about our baby led weaning experience!

And a few million pics of BD eating... 

Outings and Celebrations...
*BCM Low Country Boil
*Super hero and princess day at Chicfila
this pic cracks me up... she would not take her eyes off of spiderman!!!
*Trip to Augusta- we took some fun UGA family pics! :)

*Uncle John Henry came to visit

*DNOW in south Georgia

*Little Bit

*Little Chunk

*Chunky monkey

*Bailey Boo

*Bailey Boo Hoo

*Bailey Bug

*Bailey, Bailey Drew (Sung to the tune of Scooby Doo)

*Spit up queen- seriously she spits up all the time (this can also be sung to the tune of dancing queen) thought this would get better as we introduced  solid food... we are still waiting!

Things others have said about you...

*"She has so much hair!"

*"She is so big!"

*"She looks like she is about to crawl."

*"She is chill/easy going"

"Look at those chunks!"

Things we have noticed about you...

* You love eating and drinking real food.
*You seem really chill about things.
*You love seeing all different people! Little social butterfly.
*Persistent and determined... still
*The more people the better!
*You do like a little bit of alone play time.
*You love to smile and laugh.

For Bailey Drew...

This has been an emotional milestone for us.  Have you really been here a half a year already?  Have you really changed this much?  I couldn't help but tear up a couple of times this month as I saw newborn babies or as we were packing up clothes that don't fit anymore.  How can you be growing so fast?

But it is really exciting times too.  You are so interactive, you are getting mobile, you are eating... you are such a little person!  Sometimes you think you are an adult just like us.  Your personality is shining through more each day.  You love all different people, the more the merrier.  You talk and socialize with us and with other babies. You laugh and chuckle at funny and surprising things.

We love you so much... words do not describe.  Seriously, some days we just watch you sleep.  We read Scripture to you each day and pray for you... pray that you will know the awesome God of the universe! :)

Looking back...

BD 3 month...

BD 2 month...

BD 1month...

Birth Story...

Bailey Drew is here!!!


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