Friday, September 20, 2013

5 on Friday!

thoughts for...

1. Being desperate for God

2.  There are so many hilarious moments in my prek class... this week I was trying to help them remember their last names. At snack I was asking them what each of their last names... most of them said their middle or last name.  Then I get to one little boy... "What's your last name?"... response- "Boo Boo."  My response- "No, I think that is your nickname."
Needless to say to anyone who has ever taught preschool before, what were the mot popular words in my room that day?  Boo Boo of course :)

3. Our 5 year anniversary is coming up in January (read, what it has been 5 years :)???) and we have been pondering how to celebrate. We'd love to go somewhere... without breaking the bank.  And there is one other problem... we still have yet to leave BD with a sitter to go out (she is almost 6 months old)... We probably should probably work on leaving her with a sitter one of these days.


4. Pink yogurt lid time! A really great percentage goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. So eat yoplait yogurt between now and the end if November and give me your lids.

5. And... BD in a shopping buggy ... I can't handle the cuteness. I am glad I managed to get this pic, because I have gotten in a really bad habit of putting things on top if the car while I put BD in her car seat. I put my phone on top if the car and drove half way to the grocery store. Thankfully when I checked for it at a red light it was in one piece and not a million in the side of the road.:)


  1. Found your blog on the link-up! Your little one is so cute! My hubby and I didnt go on our first date until our little one was 6.5 months. We couldnt bring ourselves to leave her, but now that we have gone away for a few hours we saw just how important it was for us to spend time together again. It was weird, but so helpful :) Have a great weekend!

    1. It is just so hard to leave the littles!!! But I agree... it is important, so we need to just take the leap!

  2. Haha I have done the EXACT same thing with my phone! I am also a teacher, but high school so we aren't working on quite the same things. :)

    Stopping by from the link-up!

  3. I found your blog as I was browsing through all the gals who linked up today (even thought I didn't!) and your blog title immediately caught my eye. My husband and I are working to pay off student loans so we are on a crazy tight budget and learning to be much more frugal than we used to be!

  4. Our first date was a day time date, we didn't have to miss the bedtime routine and not see the baby until the next morning. It was a great first step and my hubs was less likely to fall asleep during an afternoon movie! Happy 5 years, 2008 was a good year!

  5. Haha I can't believe you drove away with your phone on your car! And that picture of your little girl in the cart is soooo sweet! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!
    Newest follower from the 5 on Friday link-up! :)

    1. Checked out your blog too! Your little one is so precious :) We cloth diaper too!