Tuesday, September 10, 2013

...Queso (or guac depending on your preference)

College pic... my freshman year!  I know, my hat is so cool... I might still have it :)
Just a week or so ago!
A sweet friend of ours from NOLA always asks the most creative and thought provoking questions. Last fall she had a question about Mexican restaurants, salsa, and queso (or guacamole if that tickles your fancy). Being a lover of Mexican food, this scenario naturally grabbed my attention!
Paraphrased Scenario
So, what's best about going to a Mexican restaurant??? Free chips and salsa of course.  But if you are willing to shell out a few more dollars you can get some ever so delicious cheese dip or guacamole.  It costs more, but it is worth it. 
So what is the "salsa" in your life... and what is the "queso."  Seriously think about it.  What has been good, and what has cost a little more, but is better?
I think about this with college... college is an awesome time in life.  Most freedom, least responsibility.  To me it is the "salsa."  After college, things can be harder, "cost" more, but boy are they worth it.  Post-college, that's my queso.
Since coming here to Georgia Southern, I have already had multiple conversations with people here worried and even dreading... life after college.  One of my prayers this year is that Andrew and I can share and prepare college students for post-college life... prepare them for the queso... if that makes any sense :) 


  1. Quite profound, friend. Of course, the salsa is a healthier choice ... does this factor in at all! :)

    1. Haha... I guess all analogies break down at some point... or maybe there is a hidden meaning there too:)

  2. Love this. I know we've had the conversation so many times about missing college. But post-college life, while much harder, is also so much better! Love and miss you!

  3. I love this! For me, life (dating, career, bills, being a "grown up" is the salsa. Marriage and motherhood... THAT'S my queso.