Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday!

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On my mind lately...
1. This blog post.  Seriously... an encouragement to my life this week!
2.  Baby Led Weaning- Seriously, this little girl is all about REAL food.  The book I read said it would take a couple weeks for her to actually eat.  No, she was quite proficient the first night! And I mean how cute are these pics!

3.  Fall door decor for my classroom... in the past I have never had time for this, but it is kind of an expectation where I am at now!  My assistant has been working on it all week (seriously) and we are not done, but here are some of the doors off of pintrest where we got our inspiration.  Notice how I said I am not the one actually doing the for... probably for the better!

4.  Fall clothing... I really am excited to put up the summer stuff and break out the fall clothing.  I know it is warm enough to keep wearing summer stuff, but I just feel like it is not seasonally appropriate. September 22... you can't come soon enough.

This sweater...

Outfits like this...

5.  Scripture memory... I mentioned before that this is on my heart, but I am now in a small group that is really holding me accountable.  I posted scripture on the mirror in our bathroom... how do you memorize scripture???



  1. Decorating your classroom can be so but it is also very time consuming! It's nice that you have some one to help you!

    How is the baby led weaning going? I have heard about that and read some on it, but I'm not sure how I would start if I wanted to. Plus, I'm kind of scared of all of the potential allergies. It sounds like a great way to introduce food though!

    1. I know.. I have never had help until this year... very blessed!

      We are LOVING baby led weaning so far, expect a post soon. If allergies run in your family or you are worried about them, you can still follow the 4 day rule and not feed your baby any foods you are worried about. It is super flexible!