Monday, September 16, 2013

A day in the life...

The other day a college student asked me what I did all day... I laughed on the inside. this was code for what do you moms do all day with all that free time (moms out there laugh with me at the phrase free time. And continue).  However, we are getting in a groove around here.. a little bit anyways.  The days of BD constantly eating and having a fairly unpredictable schedule have mostly passed.  This is, for the most part, what our days are looking like lately.  BD is not on a schedule, we are not a Baby Wise family (that's okay if you are, it just doesn't work for us).  But I have come to realize that, babies usually fall into a schedule... and here's ours.

4:30-6:00ish I get up for the day.  I know, it is an ungodly hour, but I am just a morning person, so it works for me... as long as BD has not decided to eat all night. Plus it is the only time I can get by myself during the day.  I get up pump, do my quiet time, work out (3-4 days a week), and get ready for the day.  

7:00ish BD gets up.  I get her ready, feed here and time just runs away.

7:45ish We head over to church where I teach preschool and Bailey goes to "school."

12:00 School is over, I pick up BD and we head home.

12:15-1:00 I try to squeeze in my lunch before I feed BD and put her down for her nap... this does not fit in here everyday, depends on how tired BD is...

1:00ish-3ish BD eats again and goes down for a nap... most days anyways :)  I run around like a crazy person trying to get as much done while she sleeps as I possibly can!  I prepare for Bible study, clean house (or at least the rooms BD is not sleeping in), blog, do laundry... basically attempt to tackle my mile long to do list.

3ish-5ish BD plays with me, I feed her again, Andrew comes home.

5ish-7ish Andrew plays some with BD, we eat dinner and hang out.
7ish-8ish Get BD ready for bed.  Bath, BD eats again... and goes down for the night.  Or at least in theory she goes down for the night.  Lately, sleeping through the night has not been happening! :)

7:30ish-9:00ish Depends on the night... Bible study, BCM, attempt more off the to do list, just hang with Andrew...
9ish-  I try to go to bed around 9... sometimes it is 9, sometimes it is 7 (no joke), sometimes it is 11...

More than you wanted/need to know I am sure...

Wake up... do it again :)   


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