Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why I write...

It's an interesting thing... This blog. Sometimes I feel like I don't even remember why I started it.

I think it went like this, I like being frugal, I should share my thoughts on being frugal. Somewhere along the line my purpose changed... For the better I think.

I just began writing about life. As a teacher, I think of my blog as my writers workshop.

The more I wrote the easier it became.
 The more I wrote the more i developed my own voice.
The more I wrote the more I loved writing.

 I really feel like I have improved as a writer, except for my grammar. Sorry comma police..., I still use commas incorrectly!

I don't have thousands or even hundreds of followers. I do get excited every time someone tells me they read a blog post or read my blog. And when I hear people tell me the ways God has used some of my rambling in their life, I am amazed. I am amazed that God would take something so small and use it for His glory.

From time to time you will still find my adventure in being frugal...
But my prayer has become that you will see a snapshot of a family following Christ.