Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Teacher talk:outfits

When I was teaching in New Orleans I had a fellow teacher friend (Jen:)) describe my teacher style perfectly.  Our grade level had just entered a meeting with our principal and all of our administrators.  I walked in a little late after dealing with a situation with a student and she publicly announce, "Stasia, you either have runway days or volleyball days, and today is a volleyball day."  I didn't know what to do but acknowledge the truth in her statement.  I do have the tendency to have a totally pulled together outfit... or a school tshirt, khakis, tennis shoes and a ponytail.
This year, my job is allows us to be even more casual.... think jeans and t-shirt everyday.  Even if I do dress nice, I have to wear an apron with my school logo on it.  I didn't think I would embrace this as much as I have, but really it is so easy, but I feel like all my cute teacher clothes are just sitting in my closet.  So this is my inspiration, I am going to try to pull myself together... more often anyways.
Below- runway day vs volleyball day.
Teachers, are you a runway girl or a volleyball girl?  


  1. I can't believe that you can wear jeans and that you HAVE to wear an apron?!? That defeats the purpose of all rose cute outfits!

  2. We could only wear jeans on Friday if we wore a school shirt with it. Lucky you! I had no choice but to wear nice clothes every day.