Friday, October 4, 2013

5 on Friday!


1. It's FALL BREAK(starting at 12 this afternoon)!!!   BD and I will be spending the week chilling together in Atlanta. Super pumped.  Just sad Andrew has to work and can't come :(

2. Teacher Outfits... all you teachers out there, where do you stand fashionable or functional?
Typical teach outfit lately...
3. I am trying to make some money on the side by selling some of our old stuff.  So far I have only posted to one local group... I have made a whopping $10.  I plan on posting some stuff to Ebay and Amazon.  I have this really lofty idea of paying off the last bit of our debt just by selling stuff around the house.  Any pointers on selling stuff on Ebay or Amazon? Totally new to this!

4. I bought the supplies to make this wreath a month ago... someone help me find the time to get it done!

5.  Been thinking a lot about why I write here on this blog.


  1. girl....i'm hopeless when it comes to wreaths! i just can't seem to make it look good!

    have a great friday!
    xo, sarah grace

    1. I am just not that crafty... so I hope I can pull it off!

  2. Yay for fall break!
    I love the wreath! So cute, good luck making one! haha

  3. When it comes to Ebay make sure to have great pictures and a killer description of what you're selling. Also, FB has local yardsale groups where you can post stuff too. And if you're selling small things like vases, you could always do a post here on your blog and see if any of your readers are interested.

    Enjoy Fall Break and Atlanta!

    1. Yea.. I am learning some of the things you said as we go. We tried to sell a couple things on our local yardsale FB page and made a little money :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yes! We made a little that way... I think I just need to periodically repost what does not sell!