Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday!

Just some thoughts for the week...
1. I have had the week off... and notice it has been quiet over on the blog this week...  isn't it amazing how when you have MORE time, but you you get LESS done because you are so off schedule.  At least that is how it is for me.
2.  This girl is so mobile.  Proficient army crawler and every once and a while gets all the way on her hands and knees.  She is going to be crawling before I know... then walking... que tears, I am not ready for all of this!  Anyways, I have broken back out the pack and play to keep her contained from time to time.  She is not understanding why she can't crawl through the mesh...
3.  BD also learned to like dogs this week.  We have been kind of worried because while we love dog... we do not have one.  So BD has been a little scared around dogs.  This week she has been hanging around lots of dogs... and she is starting to love them.  Crawl toward them to pet them.  Let them lick her face.  So does anyone have a dog in Statesboro we can hang around????
4.  Please marvel for a moment at the size difference between these two babies (I know BD will hate me for this pic in the future).  
Really, 6 months is all that separates them.  Babies grow up too quick.  Now our little one is ginormababy ( I am sure she will appreciate us calling her that one day) but still, really how can something grow and change so quickly.  Hug and kiss your little ones tonight, because they will change before you know it!
5.  You see this guy?
He is my husband.  He worked all week while BD and I frolicked about Atlanta.  He is awesome.
3/5 were about BD (4/5 if you include the fact that she was in the pic with Andrew)... but what else is new... :)


  1. Found you on the link up! Our daughters must be close in age. My daughter, Caprilee, is now 8.5 months. She is pulling herself up and walking is just around the corner.. They do grow up SO fast, don't they? But, watching them grow and learn new things is so fun!


  2. I was just looking at my baby boy (13 months) pictures last night. He is my second and boy I thought the first one (she's 6 years now) flew by at lightning speed but compared to my second it was breaking the sound barrier style growth. Enjoy this time because you will blink and they will be Kindergartners. Oh and a dog is so necessary! We had one but had to rehome him because I had some baby blues that made me think I was a bad doggie mommy because I had to give all my attention to humans lol .... he has made the life of an elderly man. We are now on a mission to complete our home with a new four legged baby.....they are so wonderful, so incredibly wonderful!