Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday...

Wahoo!!!! It is Friday!!!!!!! (Please excuse my overuse of the exclamation points).  And can you believe it is November? Really, where is this year going... 
anyways, 5 thoughts for this wonderful Friday!
1. We had a fall party in my classroom.  We called it our "Pumpkin Party."  Just check out the pictures... too cute and too much fun!  Have I mentioned I love my job?

You can't see them well, but beside our pumpkin, are pumpkin shaped rice crispy treats!

This craft actually turned out so cute!  Liquid water colors on coffee filters cut in the shape of leaves!

2.  So many fall/Halloween celebrations for baby girl to rock her Halloween costume.  I did see some rather inspiring costumes for next your... maybe I will get crafty???
3. My blog writing this week! This post about breast feeding/pumping.  I know, about 95% of my readers don't need this information and would probably prefer not to hear about it.  But for those that do... here it is!  And this post about comparison.
4. Helping Andrew lead the junior/senior Bible study on finances after college on Monday.  If you ever have noticed the name of this blog, this is an area of passion for me!  So excited to talk to college students about the importance of giving to God first, setting up a budget, and living withy in your means.  If you are a college student reading this you need to come!  If you are not a junior/senior you should get in touch with me, I can help you set up a budget.  It is probably lame how excited I am about this... but oh well :)

The family costume!!! :)

Cutest bag of money... ever! :)

An owl... and an owl :)

5. I had this great idea to do a series of posts about "Learning to Love to Cook" sometime ago.  

Only problem is that you actually have to cook in order to become a better cook.  I am hoping to make BD's cake/cupcakes for her 1st bday... so I decided to practice this week.  I made some cupcakes and they actually turned out okay!



  1. Such a cute money bag!! Good job on the cupcakes. Baking can be such a beast!!

  2. I love that you all dressed up together! How fun! I've been dressing up together since they were small!