Monday, November 25, 2013

BD 8 months...

BD 8 months... 

Monthly Milestones 

*Second tooth… still not too much teething fussiness… hoping this continues!

*Pulled yourself up for the first time.  You have only done it a couple of times… 23.5 pounds is a lot to lift up!

*Crawling!  You love moving.  You still usually Army crawl, but you can crawl.  

*Pulling anything and everything off of the bottom shelves.

*Riding toy!  You loved it.  This one was at your grandparent's house so we have not had too much time to play on this.  You are getting one for Christmas handed down from our sweet friends the Wiltons… so we should have plenty of time to enjoy soon enough!

*First football game… unfortunately not a UGA game, but it was still fun :)!

*New carseat!

Favorite Things... 

*Loves to eat.  Anything. Everything. All the time.

*Push toy.  You need help to walk with it right now.  You love to be sat in front of it and push all of the buttons.  
Guess she does not know her strength because she pulled the whole toy on top of herself :)
*Standing… you just want to be an adult!
*Bath time… you love every minute of it.  You sit in the bath tub by your self now! 

*Preschool… seriously, I think you are happiest there! :)

*Walker thing…


* Went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago.. 23.5 pounds of pure cuddly joy! 

* When we went to the doctor this time she showed me BD growth chart… it is like BD is on a chart of her own… her whole chart is above the 100 percentile, height and weight! Doctor said once she starts moving she will even out...


*Like I said, went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago, over 100 percentile… just over 30 inches! 

Clothing Size...

*6-24 month... What a range right? Onesies you can squeeze into a 12 month, but 18 month onesies fit best. 

Sleep Patterns...

Child, you love to be awake. You still like to take a nap after school at about 12… but the ending time is always up in the air… Usually around 1:30 or 2:00. It works out well and you are happy almost all day. 

Nighttime, oh nighttime. You go to sleep around 7 and still wake1-3 times a night… we never know what to expect. You co-sleep with us the middle part of the night. My pediatrician says we should make you cry it out… I am just not really on the same thought process as my pediatrician. I just keep thinking soon enough you will figure it out… you don't like being forced onto things.

Eating Patterns... 

Still breast fed 7ish, 11ish (bottle), 3ish, and 7ish... and as much as you want at night... lol. 
As for people food, we still love BLW. In fact if we try to feed you grab the food out of our hands and feed yourself. You even like using a spoon, I just load it and you feed yourself!!! You eat mostly whatever we eat 2-3 times a day! If you see someone else eating, you want to eat too. We have yet to give you something you won’t eat… I hope you stay this open to different foods!!! 

Outings and Celebrations...

* Trick or Treat on Sorority/Fraternity row.  We had so much fun with your friend Caitlin Belle and Bailey.

*Second time she got to wear her costume… fall festival at FBC.  
Owl with owl...

Staring contest...

*The BCM Halloween party… burglars and money bag.  Think I need to be crafty for every Halloween :) 

*Went to Savannah for my half marathon...


*Little Bit 
*Little Chunk 
*Chunky monkey 
*Bailey Boo 
*Bailey Boo Hoo 
*Bailey, Bailey Drew (Sung to the tune of Scooby Doo) 

Things others have said about you...

*"She has so much hair!" 

*"She is so big!" 

*"She is chill/easy going" 

"Look at those chunks!" 

Things we have noticed about you...

* You are ready to be more mobile than you are.
You love eating and drinking real food. 

*You seem really chill about things. 

*You love seeing all different people! Little social butterfly. 

*Persistent and determined... still 

*The more people the better! 

*You do like a little bit of alone play time. 

*You love to smile and laugh. 

For Bailey Drew…

Oh Bailey Drew :) This month has brought even more mobility.  You get wherever you want, whenever you want.  But you get frustrated sometimes because you actually want to be even more mobile than you are… you want to stand and walk so bad.  You think you are a little adult.  

School is still one of your favorite things.  You still don't fuss there at all, even though you will fuss with me from time to time.  You sometimes want us instead of other people now, but you are still fine being held by pretty much anyone.  
You grow so much every month… and these months seem to be going by faster and faster!  Slow down!  
We pray for your salvation, safety, health… everyday!
You are our sweet girl :)

Looking Back...

BD 7 month…


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