Friday, November 22, 2013


It's Thanksgiving Break y'all (at least for us teachers out there)… and I am so very excited!
Seriously… so excited…


 Put baby girl's hair in pigtails for school…
so cute right?
Then when I picked her up her hair looked like this…
apparently the other kiddos liked her pigtails too:)


 Took family Christmas photos… the picture of the three of us… just okay… the ones of BD, so ridiculously cute that I can't stand it. I don't want to spoil our xmas card… but I do want to share a few. These are just pictures of the pictures on my computer… lol


 Speaking of Christmas… here is our Christmas to do list


We didn't have much time in my class this week because we were preparing for our Thanksgiving play… yes my 4 year olds are doing a thanksgiving play… tomorrow… it is kind of like mass chaos, but it will be cute. 
Here are a couple things we did this week…
Cutting the flowers off mums… the kids loved this… so funny!

Sorting nuts

 Still life of the cornucopia 


BD finally got her new carseat. It has been a long time coming and since she is already 30 inches it could not wait another day.  We poured over this decision. Almost every person I know has and recommends a Britax… but everything I read said that they are not recommended for above average sized kiddos (BD is above the 100 percentile) because they are outgrown quickly.  I was afraid I wasn't picking the safest choice for my child by not picking the Britax… then I found this group on FB- carseats for the littles.  It is run by a bunch of carseat techs… they know their stuff.  They assured me that Britax was not my only option and we ended up with the Graco my ride 70!  She seems to like it!


  1. Thank you thank you for posting that link about carseats. We are on the hunt for a new one and I feel super overwhelmed by all of them out there and finding the best one! Your little one is darling!! Happy Friday!

  2. She is too too cute!! Love the pictures!!

  3. OMG the pigtail pictures is adorable!!! That put a big smile on my face!!

    Happy Friday!!
    -Sami @

  4. Hello! Stopping by from the link up. Your daughter is ADORABLE! I LOVE putting pigtails in my daughter's hair. She is just too cute!.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Fellow teacher here and I can't WAIT for break! Your baby girl is precious and I love her little smocked dress.

  6. Your little girl is adorable!! I love the first pictures of the pig tails transformation!