Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas to do list...

This is probably the last thing most people want to do...
 But to do lists work for me. 
If I can think ahead to all of the fun holiday things I want to do, even if I don't get them all done, I can do a better job of planning out to do as many as possible!

The Official List....

Make advent calendar
Visit santa
Drive around and look at lights
Donate food/meal
Black Friday
All christmas shopping
Make Xmas gifts- really have some cute ideas for this!
Family photos 
send Xmas cards
Read story of Christ's birth
Cookie decorating party
Wrap presents 
Go on at least one Christmas date- just a & I 
Decorate gingerbread houses
Sit by the "fire" and make s'mores (we don't have a fireplace...)
Drink hot cocoa 
Get/make a holiday drink
Sing Xmas songs with baby girl
Christmas Eve service

Watch... (Since we love Xmas movies this has its own section... Probably will also watch lots of cheesy hallmark movies as well:))
A Christmas Story
Christmas Vacation (never seen!)
Home alone
Grinch (old one)
Grinch (new one)
Christmas Classics( Rudolph, frosty etc)
The Santa Clause
Christmas Shoes

Stop. Rest. Enjoy the season!

What's your plan? Am I missing anything?

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  1. I can't wait to see what your ideas are for making Christmas gifts!! :)