Monday, November 11, 2013

What's next...

As many of you know I finished my first official half marathon this weekend!  Check out the pictures..
This one might be my favorite… I promise BD was excited to see me at first.  Then she said (with her eyes of course),  "Never leave me again."

Race number...

Running with 18,000 of our closest friends...
Before the run!!!

BD did not want to look at the camera, but wanted to hold the medal.

Precious girls at the post race meal… probably the meal that made me so sick!

I actually had a great experience running.  Laura, a friend I ran with was a total rockstar, she ran even though she was sick!  And made it!

My experience was great until after… I am not sure if I caught a stomach bug (heard some students got sick this weekend too), got dehydrated, what I ate after the race was too much, or some combination of the three… I got sick, really sick.  Andrew vows that my sickness is attributed only to running and therefor no one should ever run again (can you tell he hates running???).

So anyways… my thoughts are, where do I go from here?  I have been training since late July and all I have really done is run… what should I do next?


1- Continue my training and push for a … marathon.  

This feels crazy to even say.  As much as I love running, I said I would  N E V E R  run a marathon.  But now I am half way there and feel like if there was ever a time it is now!  Running a marathon is a time and financial commitment… so I dunno.. any of y'all run a marathon? Worth it?  Recommended?

2- Improve my 5k time

My time is still a far cry… a very far cry from my pre pregnancy time.  It would be fun to get back to my personal best.  This option is cheaper and less time time consuming, while still challenging.

3- Really do P90X

We have dabbled in doing P90X, so we already have the DVDs.  I would love to do them all the way through.  This option would be challenging, because it would make me do more than just run… which is what I usually do.  It is also something Andrew would be willing to do with me.  However it is a time commitment, and would leave little time to run.

4- Your suggestions

Any other ideas?  Please let me know! I am ready to get started this week!


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