Wednesday, January 15, 2014

7 and simplify...

I have mentioned it before, but our word for the year is 

My heart is anxious with where the Lord is going to take our little family as we live more simply in order to be more like Christ.

This journey started as I stumbled upon Jen Hatmaker's book/Bible study
The Seven Experiment: 
Staging your own mutiny against excess

In her book, Hatmaker goes with her family on a journey doing a sort of fast on 7 things (thus the title)  we have an excess of I our lives:
This was one of those books that I was so convicted as I was reading it... That I tried to move through it quickly so I couldn't respond to all of it (lame I know).  Good news… I will be going through it in depth this semester in Bible Study… so I am not off the hook.

Our heart is that this does not turn into some self help, Cleaner House, Less Spending, Less Stress in 30 Days mumbo jumbo (yes I just said mumbo jumbo). Our journey to simplify is to 
1. Rid us of distractions and draw us closer to Christ.
2. Simplify for the sake of justice (like where else could we pour all of these resources).
3. Clear out the clutter so we can share Christ.

In our American Dream society we have been fooled into the delusion that more is always better.  But what if this is not the case?  We are truly excited to see where this journey takes us!

Do you want to journey with us? What is your word for the year?


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