Friday, January 17, 2014


First week back to the "real life"… and we are soooooooo tired.  
1. We are tired because BD has become the most inconsistent sleeper ever.  We get through one night where she only wakes up once… and the next night she is up for 3 hours in the middle of the night, just wanting to play.  Has this ever happened to anyone else before?  We are on the market for some miracle solutions.  I was actually late to work this morning because I over slept… that had never happened not once in the last 5 years I have been working!  We were/are cosleeping and that was going great… but all of sudden, it has stopped working.  We have not been fans of cry it out methods… but we do need to figure something our.  The Skelton household currently consists of two zombies and one happy baby (somehow she still manages to get enough sleep).  Like I said recommendations are welcomed… we aren't to prideful to admit when we need help :).
2.  I have been talking to and helping a TON of people lately with getting started on cloth diapering… and I love it.  Interested? Call me, text me, message me, I love talking cloth diapers!  There is exciting news coming soon on the cloth diapering front from us so be on the look out.  
3. Simplicity and 7.  I know I have blabbed and blabbed about this, but I am just so stink in excited (and scared) to start this journey.  It probably will take over the blog at some point, so you have been warned.  You should just join us or be praying for the group of girls that I will be leading (I use this term VERY loosely) through this study.
4. We had so much fun in NOLA.  Seriously good to be back.  You can check out our pictures here and here.

5. Call the Midwife!!!  Have you watched this show and/or read this book.  I am currently doing both at the same time and they are both soooo good.  Andrew's mom know I love to read and she gave me the book at Christmas, which immediately prompted me to find the series on Netflix.  You should really go watch or read them :)


  1. Cant wait to hear your exciting Cloth news!!!

  2. with our next kiddo I might be asking you about cloth diapers!