Saturday, January 18, 2014

This week in preschool...

After being gone 3 weeks… I tried to get back in the groove of school this week.  We talked a lot about winter this week.  Here are some of my favorite activities (really the activities I remembered to take pictures).
We started our personal number books and did 1-5.

We took all our charts we made last year and made them into a number book.  I know what some of the  stuff we put in this book is above preschool level.  But I figured it couldn't hurt to introduce the terminology.  One of my moms says her son even talks about using tally marks at home.

These were my favorite "cute" thing this week.
"Ice Skating" with wax paper on our feet… be extra careful with this one!
Trucks in the "snow"
My kids loved this… I think it was mainly because of the giant dice.
Keeping it simple...
Decided after doing one in December that lead up to Christmas, that this would be a good way to them exposure to numbers 1-30.
Another favorite from the week!

What did you do in preschool this week???


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  1. I think I will have to do some of these with my kiddos! cute!