Monday, January 20, 2014

Planning BD's Birthday...

I might start crying… BD's first birthday is about 2 months away.  When did this happen?
Cue tears.
I have had a secret pintrest  board for an embarrassingly long time entitled "BD First Birthday." And now it is actually approaching with impressive speed and I feel not ready.  Oh well, ready or not here it comes.
So, one of the biggest things that I want to make sure happens is that we don't go crazy with spending.  This is a first birthday, and our blog is entitled "Our Life on a Budget." Also, even though this is her special day, we really want to focus ultimately on thanking God for her life and praying that He would use her in ways that would add to His kingdom.

So all in all our total budget is $130. This still seems like a lot to me so I am going to do 2 things. One, try not to spend more than $100… this may seem silly considering I just said my budget is $130… but that will be the absolute tops.. this will be the goal.  Two, I will only spend money that I make selling stuff that we don't need in our home.  Hopefully we will be successful!  I will let y'all know :)

Our theme for her nursery has been "You are My Sunshine"… so we thought we would continue that!
and here are the categories that we are preparing

Gifts: While we do have an Amazon wish list for BD we really, REALLY don't need toys.  In fact I pondering getting rid of some of the toys we have.  In light of this we have some really neat alternatives…

First, we really really are wanting to teach BD that it is not all about her… we want for her each year to pick a ministry that we can help fund with her birthday money.  This year she "picked" orphan care through Samaritan's Purse.  Instead of a gift we are hoping our friends and family will go there and donate!

Second, if someone really wants to do something for BD, they can donate to her college fund.  The impact there will be a lot more lasting than most toys.

What are we getting her?  I am planning to make her a family photo book and a photo map of the missionaries we are praying for!  

Budget $20 + giving to orphan care.

Outfit:  I want something that is special for her birthday, but that she can use again.  Found some cute 
stuff on ETSY.  First I can't decide between making her outfit and just buying. Making it would be cheaper… but so time consuming. Buying could end up eating a lot more of our budget.  

Budget for this item- as cheap as possible!

This outfit

This Outfit
or make on like this 
or make one like this

I am thinking just cupcakes/desserts and drinks.  I plan on making the desserts… and those of you that know me, don't worry, I will practice ahead of time :).  Drinks will probably be water, lemonade and maybe tea. 

Budget $50 … maybe this is unrealistic for a big group… but I am going to try!

Idea from here

Idea from here

Idea from here and here 

We are going to do an open invitation to all friends and family.  The reason for this is that we want the college students that Andrew and I work with to be able to come if they want.  So I have no idea how many people the party will actually end up being!  
I think we will send some invites to family and friends that don't live in Statesboro and also announce on FB.  I am thinking designing something with her monthly pictures or with something like the picture listed below.  We shall see.

Budget $20 

We are going to try to use a lot of what we already have, since the theme of her party is the theme of the nursery.  

Budget $20

Some of my favorite decor ideas… 

Ideas from here

Ideas from here

With a B of course :)
Idea from here
Idea from here
Idea from here

This is good because it will actually make us print some pic to put in an album!
Honestly, there won't be very many kids at BD's party.  She has no siblings and no cousins. I will probably just put out some of her toys.   
I also really wanted to do something with bubbles since she loves them.  But the weird thing about March is that the weather can go either way.
Budget $10

Something simple for the adults and kiddos… 
Idea from here

Budget $10

Hopefully we will be successful and stay on budget! Have you ever done a child's bday on a budget???

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