Thursday, January 23, 2014

BD 10 months...

BD 10 months...

Monthly Milestones 

*You are pulling yourself up and cruising like crazy!  I mean switching from furniture to furniture piece.  You are all over!

*You can bend down and pick things up while holding on.

*Clapping and waving!

*Crawling… you don't really even Army crawl anymore.

*2nd,3rd and 4th 1st xmas :)

Favorite Things... 

*Taking your finger over your lips and making noise… "ba, ba,ba" … you do this all the time! You also love to grab my eyelashes.

*Push toy.

*Just wants to stand and walk… soon enough child, soon enough

*Bath time… you love every minute of it.
and you like to try to drink the bathwater… ewe gross…

*Books!  You love to "read" them yourself.

*Dogs… or as you say it "gog"


*Getting into everything!!!

*Little people toys

*House toy!


* Went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago.. 26 pounds… the size of a two year old...


*We have no idea… but know you are over 30 inches.

Clothing Size...

*12-24 month 

Sleep Patterns…

Sleep, sleep, sleep.  Day we are still taking one nap most days.

But night?  It is hit or miss.  Some nights lately BD just wakes up ready to play.  One night in particular she was up for 3 hours!  But last night she did great… She slept almost all the way through the night.  

Eating Patterns... 

Still breast fed 7ish, 11ish (usually bottle), 3ish, and 7ish.

As for food… you have been eating everything… until a couple days ago… you have started throwing food on the floor :(… hopefully this is just a stage.

Outings and Celebrations...

*Christmas dinner with Nona and Uncle John Henry!


*Christmas at Nana and Papa's

*Christmas at Grandpa and D.d.'s

*First trip to the zoo

*First new years!

*New Orleans Trip


*Bailey Ann's Birthday Party!

*Hilton Head Trip


*Little Bit 
*Little Chunk 
*Chunky monkey 
*Bailey Boo 
*Bailey Boo Hoo 
*Bailey, Bailey Drew (Sung to the tune of Scooby Doo) 

Things others have said about you...

*"She makes the funniest faces!"

*"She has so much hair!" / "she looks lil Cindy Lou Whoo."/ "Look at that water fountain."

*"She is so big!" 

*"She is chill/easy going" 

*"Look at those chunks!" 

Things we have noticed about you...

*You love eating and drinking real food. 

*You love seeing all different people! Little social butterfly. 

*Persistent and determined... still 

*The more people the better! 

*You do like a little bit of alone play time. 

*You love to smile and laugh. 

For Bailey Drew…

Our Sweet Bailey Girl.  How can 10 months have already passed?  Each day we see changes … each day you are doing something new!  You laugh at the books I read, like when you are supposed to.  You do things on purpose… like knock over cups of water because you like to play in it.  You are such a little person, with your own personality.

Musical prodigy? Not from me :)
Everyday, we feel blessed to have another day with you, knowing that God has trusted you with us for a time, not forever.  We pray that we will be able to raise you for God's glory!

We are getting excited about your first birthday coming up.  I wonder what new things you will be doing by then! :)


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