Friday, February 21, 2014



Not buying Carter's children's clothes.  Not until the company gets their act together.  See, in 7 this week we have been talking about clothing.  I have been convicted about the sheer amount of clothing all three of us have in our closets.  But I have also been convicted about the means used to make our clothing.  Check out Free2Work.  It goes through the policies, transparency, monitoring and worker's rights of different companies.
So what did Carter's receive? D-
go read about it… seriously.  Worker rights in particular… F… and the rest of their scores were not much better! 
My thought has been maybe we all just need less clothes that are ethically made.
One of the girls in our study said last night that it seems like "We have lots of stuff at the price of people."  It just doesn't seem worth it to me!  Have y'all ever researched this before?


65 in 365 update… can't believe it is already almost March!


We have a stander… when she feels like it.  I am actually convinced that she could get up and walk… if she wanted to… but she doesn't, crawling is quicker.  In true BD fashion, she will do it when she wants to, and not a moment before. 
It is cute as can be to see here do it, because the look on her face is so unsure about what she is doing. And when she is clapping and standing… whew bless my heart… cutest thing EVER :)


Half marathon in Augusta this weekend with my sweet friend Jes.  She just had a baby at the end of September and is pretty much a rockstar.  I am not as prepared this time around, so pray I can make it! :)


Oh… and did I mention we went to DISNEY for a day.  Don't worry… there is a full post coming, just as soon as I can get my head back above water.  It will probably be entitled… "one day at Disney… with a baby… on a budget…" Surprise Surprise…
For now, here are some of my favorite pics :)

How was your week?



  1. Hello from the link up! HOORAY for Disney!! Loving the pics ;) Such magical memories! :)

  2. One 1)

    Reducing your wardrobe can also help you reduce decision in the day. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, and Warren Buffet reduce their wardrobes so they never have to wonder "What will I wear today"

  3. Sucks about Carters. I haven't bought new clothes in ages....all our stuff is second hand. Recycle!