Monday, February 24, 2014

BD 11 months...

BD 11 months…

Teething, teething and more teething...

Monthly Milestones 

*Standing… we have yet to get any good picture… but she has been doing it for a few weeks.  It is funny because she would clearly rather not, so you have to distract her by giving her something to hold or clapping to get her to do it.  I have a feeling it will be like pulling up… she was able to do before SHE decided it was something she really wanted to do!

*Not only can she open cabanits and pull things out… but now she can pull out a completely closed drawer.  Below she opened our dresser and puled out every single pair of shorts Andrew has.

*She likes to crawl under furniture if she can fit… and she is so determined.  Here she is under the bed. I thought she would freak out when she got under there… but she just kept going!

*First real sickness... 103 fever… one day of pure cuddliness (this never happens so we soaked it up) and the rest of the time she was her normal self.

*First snow… if you can call it that...

*Completely has figured out how to take the handles off the drawers on her dresser.  Her curiosity and determination never ceases to amaze me.

*Two more teeth… and some more that should be in soon!

*Her vocabulary now includes mama, dada, dog, woof, hi, bye and uh oh.  She acts like she is talking to us all the time… but we are not sure what she is saying.  She does have this one phrase that sounds like "I do it" but maybe we are just imagining it???

*Sits on her knees all the time.

*First trip to Disney! :)

Favorite Things... 

*Eating… this picture says it all…

*Love, Love, Loves looking out windows

*Loves school and the kiddos so much!
*Standing and cruising… as long as she can hold onto something!

*Loves reading to herself.  IT is the cutest thing EVER.  She sits there and flips through the pages and says "Getcha, Getcha, Getcha"  Guess that's what we sound like when we read to her :)

*Playdates with these sweet girls!

*Loves dogs!

*This still is her favorite… except she can get to more shelves...

*Loves her little play house...

*Does NOT like winter clothes… don't worry I don't either and summer is coming! :)

*Loves playing with people through windows

*Sleeping with daddy or mommy… pretty much just not sleeping by herself.

*Bath time!

*Great at taking things apart!

*Loves playing in mirrors!


* Don't know exactly… over 26 pounds...


*We have no idea… but know you are over 30 inches.

Clothing Size...

*12-24 month and 2T

Sleep Patterns…

Naps 12-2:30ish.  Nightime… falls asleep between 7-8, wakes betweens 6-8.  Wakes at night to eat 1-2 times.

Eating Patterns... 

Still breast fed 7ish, 11ish (usually bottle), 3ish, and 7ish. Usually once at night, sometime twice.

As for food… you have been eating everything…and a lot of it.  

Outings and Celebrations...

*Went and saw pee-paw for his 87th birthday!

*Opening some belated Christmas presents.

*Went to Florida to see Great- Grandparents and family!

*Went to Disney!  It was so fun! :)


*Little Bit 
*Little Chunk 
*Chunky monkey 
*Bailey Boo 
*Bailey Boo Hoo 
*Bailey, Bailey Drew (Sung to the tune of Scooby Doo) 

Things others have said about you...

*"She looks like a toddler"

*"She makes the funniest faces!"

*"She has so much hair!" / "she looks lil Cindy Lou Whoo."/ "Look at that water fountain."/"Those pigtails".

*"She is so big!" 

*"She is chill/easy going" 

*"Look at those chunks!" 

Things we have noticed about you...

*You love love LOVE kids.

*You love eating and drinking real food. 

*You love seeing all different people! Little social butterfly. 

*Persistent and determined... still 

*The more people the better! 

*You do like a little bit of alone play time. 

*You love to smile and laugh. 

For Bailey Drew…

Oh sweet girl… this month has been so much FUN!  You are a little person and do you own thing.  The days of baby seem to be fading into the background, and the days of toddler seem to be on the horizon.  We are excited with each milestone, but if we are honest we don't feel ready.  Your first birthday is only a month away… one month, that is it!  

Your personality becomes more clear each day. In our time at Disney you made friends with *every-single-child* you saw.  You just love people so much.  Your persistence in determination show up in good ways as you are determined to figure out how things work or how to use them.  You have been stacking rings by your self (and clapping for yourself after) and taking things apart.  Your determination has also shown up in some not so good ways as we have experienced some of our first tantrums (terrible twos already?), you know what you want and we are working to help support and discipline you in ways that show you how to do thing appropriately.  All we know is that it is clear that you are going to be a force to be reckoned with :).

Each day we thank God that He has trusted us with you.  We know each and everyday is a gift.  We have learned also that each and everyday is a challenge that stretches us as parents and makes us trust God more.  We pray for the adventure that God has for YOU!  I am excited to think about all the ways God is going to use your BIG personality for HIS glory!  

We love you Bails :)
*Sometimes pretends to cuddle :)  Just long enough to catch a picture...


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