Monday, February 3, 2014

You know you live in a small town if...

I am from Atlanta… and Statesboro is easily the smallest place I have ever lived.  So much so I have decided to compile a list of things that let you know you live in a small town.  This may be a city girls list for those that live in towns smaller than Statesboro and come here to get their groceries.
1.  You say or hear people say, "I am going to town." In reference to going to the store.
2.  In any direction you run more than a couple of miles you end up in fields.
3. Upon occasion you follow a tractor home form work.  Maybe this is just bad luck, but has happened  to me... more than once.
4.  There is no Target… enough said.
5.  Most places take less than 10 minutes to get to… and everything else is far… like in the next city.
6. You find yourself saying, "But that is just so far away!" When something is more than 10 minutes away.
7.  People tell you that one of the good reasons you live there is that it is close to certain other cities.
8.  You see someone you know… everywhere you go. 
9. You hear about hunting… all the time.
10.  People who are from there either want to stay…. or can't wait to get out.
11. People give you their phone number without the area code and/or when you give people your number you must say"area code" first, or they will assume you are talking about the local area code.

What do you think?  Are there any I missed?  



  1. I'm from a 2400 person community, on an island. It's small. I can relate to everything you said, except the fields things, because if we ran too far in one direction we'd be in the ocean.

  2. Oh yes! I know the feelings! We don't have walmart (it is actually being built and that is a big deal :). There are also sayings that I used to hear and think, that is crazy... but now I'm saying them. Such as, "I met so-in-so on the road"... met? Also, here, everyone is related! :) All that said, I am loving life in a small town (just missing Target... 4 years being over an hour away is hard! haha)

  3. one of the things we were warned about when we first moved here is not to talk about anybody because everybody is related somehow. the longer we're here the more i find this to be true. this was also a caution to newcomers even in the early years of the city's establishment.

  4. Great list! Every time people give me their phone number without the area code I'm still confused. Hunting culture still baffles me. Here in Little Rock, it's the Arkansas River; if you have to drive over it it's considered too far of a drive (even though it's literally a 5 minute drive from our house). Now that we've lived here for almost 2 years, we honestly appreciate the suburban life we grew up in, the city life we went to college in, and the small city/"town" life we experience now. All have their perks and drawbacks. But most people don't understand that, because they've only had the opportunity to experience one.