Thursday, February 6, 2014



Been living in a small town for 7 months now… here is what I have learned…


BD at this stage is so fun. Seriously the personality!  The talking- mom, dad, uh oh, hi and bye. The games- patti-cake, waving and peekaboo.  The movement- crawling, cruising, and trying to stand.  I can't stand how amazing it is sometimes!!!


I have not been a serious couponer in a while.  I decided to try again and saved just short of 40% plus almost $10 fuel savings...  Maybe I will get back into it!


Next weekend we are going to see our grandparents in Florida.  It will be so fun to see them :)! We are also going to Disney for one day!  Andrew and I got passes for our birthdays, and BD gets in for free!  It will be a totally different experience going with a baby, but we are up for it.  We are currently taking suggestions and recommendations.  


I keep looking at the calendar for the February and March and telling myself that I have to breath.  You know those months where there is something in your day planner for EVERY SINGLE DAY (or dots on your iPhone calendar:))  Praying that we can keep focus on the things that matter in the midst of being so busy!  


  1. OMG she is too cute!!! Love that first picture, happy weekend!

  2. her little pigtails are adorable!! Have a blast at Disney!!

  3. Visiting from the link up. Your daughter is adorable!