Saturday, February 8, 2014

Planning a Garage Sale… Part 1

 My mother-in-law and I are having a garage sale on March 8th.  Now I have never really done a garage sale, except being present at the ones my mama did when I was little.  But If you know me, like any new adventure I take on, it always starts with research.

Considering I have not had a garage sale yet, taking advise from me *might* not be a good idea.  
Soooooo… I created a pintrest board of other peoples pointers for garage sales.  Check it out HERE.  
This way you can check out some… other people's ideas in one place.

On that note I do have some of the top reasons we are having a garage sale.

STUFF.  Too much of it.  Lately I have been overcome by the amount of stuff we have accumulated and it sickens me a little.  

Also it gives someone a chance to reuse your stuff, thus not generating more stuff.

Quick way to generate some money.  Are you going to make a million bucks… no.  But it give you an opportunity to sell stuff that you aren't using anyway to make some money.

On the money note… it is an opportunity to give.  Andrew and I want to use a portion of our earnings to give to help fund another couple's adoption!

Are there any other reasons for doing a garage sale???


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