Monday, February 10, 2014

7, simplicity and food...

I don't really love to cook, but I love to eat.
I think about food… a lot
I think whatever food I want, whenever I want it, as a right.

I love food… Enough said.

What I don't think about is that most of our world is hungry… truly hungry.
What I don't think about is that God intends for me to take care of my body and eat a certain way.
What I don't think about is how much of a distraction food can be in my life… a distraction from Christ.

This past week as part of our 7 Bible study we did a little experiment with food.  A fast of sorts.  What I learned from some intentional restrain from some foods…
* Matthew 25:35-40 what am I really doing to help those who are truly hungry… or am I too overindulged to even care or notice.

*Like I said, I am over indulged and compulsive- I can't just have one piece of candy, I have to have 5… or 10.
*I don't treat my body like a temple… I make excuses.  As long as I look okay I can eat whatever I want.
*I think about food when I should be thinking about God (like where are we going to lunch after church…)
*That there is a more natural way to eat that is most likely more glorifying to God.

So next steps…
* Give to a place that truly equips people
*Focus on God instead of food.
*Work toward eating more naturally with food from ethical sources like 


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