Friday, February 14, 2014

5 on Friday...


Planning our first garage sale... and really excited!  I am on the hunt for pointers!  Let me know if you have any!


Read this great post about the benefits of cloth diapering! If you want to check out some great cloth diapering products, look here.  If you have questions, or want me to help you get started let me know!


The "snow storm" that hit Statesboro, if you can call it that left us with out power... and unprepared. BD HATES hats and gloves and can take them off in less than half the time it takes me to get them on her :).

 We decided to head out to Florida to see my grandparents early so we wouldn't get to cold in our house.  We are also going to DISNEY Monday... we are excited!


The interesting thing about being at my grandparents is the lack of internet they have. I thought it would be free, but it feels frustrating... I never realized that almost any work I have to get done it almost always  requires internet.  School work, diaper consulting, blogging.  I can't decide if it is a negative thing that I feel frustrated about the lack of internet or just an understandable thing in light of the necessity of it with the nature of work today.  


Did our first full week of 7 focused one food... here is some of what we learned...

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