Wednesday, March 5, 2014

10 things +1 I've learned from my first year as a mom...

 I know we are just shy of a year… but these thoughts of what I have learned the first year have been circling around in my head… so I figured I would go ahead and share:).

11. Read the books (or don't), then put them aside. Your child is not some cookie cut from a mold, raising them, getting them to sleep, getting them to eat etc, is a lot more complicated than the directions you can follow in one book. Things have to be bathed in prayed.  Sometimes you don't know the "right answer" or the solution. You try and try again, and most of all trust God.
10. Don't fall into trying to keep the appearance of a "good baby" and embrace "those days." Babies are babies... They will cry and fuss and not let you sleep... And that's okay.
9. Don't listen when another mom says, "my child has been sleeping through the night since 2 weeks." One, I hate to call people out on this but they are probably lying. Two, even if they are not lying, your baby is different than their's; your baby has different needs and a different personality.
8. Related to the prior point... Things can change quickly, for the positive and the negative.  To be honest I was one of those people that said my baby slept through the night from early on (thinking back I was probably exaggerating a bit too). Then one night it stopped. Just plain stopped.  We were so confused, how could she all of sudden stop? On the flip side we could not get her to take a bottle for almost 12 weeks. Then one day she just decided to. Give it time, sometimes your baby will let you know when they are ready for things.
7. Take pictures... but take time to put down the camera too. These moments are precious, and while catching them is great, there is something to be said for just enjoying the moment.
6. Don't fall into "mom envy" and don't take too much credit for milestones.  I am becoming redundant, but as I have already said, every baby is different.  So what that your girlfriend's baby walked at 9 months.  Or, so what if your baby walked at 9 months :).
5. You are not trapped by the parenting style you have chosen or fallen into.  Keeping learning, changing and growing.  We never know all the answers.  Things change and we must adapt too.  
4. Seek advise and wisdom, but don't get frustrated when the advise does not match what you want to hear.  Give advise and wisdom, but don't expect others to follow it.  Each family is special and different!
3. Don't try to clean up the toys constantly... you will go crazy.  Make it part of your bedtime routine- clean up all the toys before bed each night.  Teaches good habits too;)
2. Get connected to other parents, ones that are like you and ones that aren't. I have been called crunchy a time or two.  I have friends that are similar and that are different… and I love to see different views!
1. Love, pray for, and read scripture to your child everyday. They are catching more than you think.


  1. Wonderful list! Thank you for sharing. I am expecting my first in June and love hearing your experience with that first year

    1. Babies are such a blessing… and they grow up too fast… have fun!!!:)

  2. Love this! So fun to keep up with you and learn from you from afar. :)

  3. I'm two days overdue and anxious about my post-partum days. Thank you for putting my mind at ease and giving me the truth and honest facts!!!