Monday, March 3, 2014

This month in preschool...

Hmmmm… really I think these are pictures from the last few months… either way, here are some fun things we did :)

Winter Unit

Snowman Sequencing...

Key rubbings...

Hat number match...

Cutting practice

Styrofoam "snow"

Hat weaving…

Being Healthy Unit
 The kiddos played "Fruit Stand"

We Practiced Brushing Teeth

Valentine's  Day

 Girlyest table ever for my 6 boys! :)


 Valentines for the troops…

 What day is it?


 Block stacking numbers 1-10
 Draw the emotions

Letter U

Shadow Wall

Shadow Shapes

Can't tell from this picture… but we had a preschool camp out! :)

What did you do in Preschool this week???


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