Friday, April 18, 2014



Secret church tonight!  Have you ever done this?  David Platt is a pastor in Birmingham, Alabama and he does an all night simulcast from time to time.  This was birthed out of when he was in other countries people were so hungry for The Word that they wanted him to tell them about it, even if it meant they stayed up all night.  I want to hunger for The Word in that way!  This year the focus is 
the Cross and Everyday Life


This guy… 

is turning ahem {29} this Saturday {just one year until 30 babe} get excited!  Can't wait to celebrate him this weekend!


One of the reasons I love blogging… connecting and learning from other people!  Two of my favorite bloggers are Leslie and Jillian.  
I am not sure how Leslie and I connected, but I am glad we did.  She did a guest post on right here this week!
Our Joy His Glory
Jillian is someone I knew from college, but through blogging and the fact that our daughters were born around the same time we have reconnected.  Hopefully Jillian will do a guest post in the coming weeks!


Bailey Drew learned to take off her own diaper (may be time to only use snap diapers) and pooped in the bathtub (I know TMI… and sorry BD if you are reading this in the future :)) all in one week.  This girl is so crazy!


It was spring break this week for BD and I!  We had some fun adventures and got stuff done.  Here is some of what we did this week…

Wildlife Center!

Strawberry picking!


  1. yum strawberries! she is adorable :)

    1. Thanks… the strawberries were great and we had so much fun! :)

  2. Picking strawberries looks like so much fun!

    1. It really was fun… I had never been before, but it is definitely something we would do again! :)