Monday, April 21, 2014

A Birthday (and graduation) Party...

So it was Andrew's Birthday this past weekend.  We celebrated by eating mexican, desserts and having a game night.
I made these delicious strawberry cupcakes.  The recipe can be found here.  I used regular flour and regular milk (I am just not that fancy) and they turned out great.  I don't usually care for strawberry cake… but LOVED this!  I think it was the almond extract and the REAL strawberries.
Andrew got to wear a somber… it was pretty cool...
Then a couple of stunt decided to shove sour cream or maybe it was sip cream in his face… it was amazing! :)
I decided to add a little extra celebration for his graduation from seminary… a year ago.  See, because of some circumstances only BD and I were able to attend Andrew's graduation.  
Somehow I juggled this little bundle through the long graduation ceremony...

I think the only pic I got of Andrew during the ceremony… I had no free hands :(
Here are some of the fun things to celebrate graduation… they are a little silly I know! :)

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