Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A guest post and what I wore...

This week my sweet friend Sarah invited me over to do a guest post on… you guessed it, cloth diapering.  This is actually one of the most thorough posts I have done on why we chose cloth, you should check it out… and her blog :)

And… Andrew and I went to a formal! Now recently, in my effort to get rid of stuff and simplify, I donated and sold around 8 bridesmaid dresses and a handful of formal dresses… some that have been hanging around since I was a freshman in high school (circa 2001, I know I am old...).  It just felt like too much having all those dresses around that I knew I didn't want to wear again.  So as I was looking through my closet to pick something to wear I thought this might be a good time to try rent the runway!  
So glad I did!  I rented this awesome one shoulder Shoshanna purple dress for our Mardi Gras themed event.  The cool thing was I was able to look at other people wearing the dress, what size and height they were, so I had an idea about what sizes to get (and they send you two:)).  I also got to talk to a "personal stylist" (feel so fancy saying that) to double check on the fit for my build and I wanted to check and make sure she thought it would be modest :).
It was fun, and easy. I also feel like it was not wasteful, as I know others will get a chance to wear the dress again, it was fairly inexpensive and I will not be putting another dress in my closet to gather dust!  
Another friend who rented a dress for the night!

What about you?  Have you tried rent the runway? Do you think its worth it?

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  1. That's very fun that you had a chance to wear a fancy dress without the problem of paying full price!

    1. It was really great! So easy and I don't think I have ever worn such a nice dress with the exception of my wedding dress!

  2. pretty dress! I think it's a great thing- esp if you are only going to wear it once anyway!

    Thrift and Shout

    1. Thanks! I future with social media these days, you only really want to wear dresses once for big events! :)