Friday, May 2, 2014


Formal last Friday!  I rented a dress from rent the runway and loved it!  I wrote about my experience here.


I am going to be honest… I am missing my monthly posts for Bailey Drew.  They were more a way for me to record her growth and changes to look back on later, than anything else.  Now she is doing all sorts of new things and I don't know where to record them.  This week I guess I will just write them here.  She is walking everywhere, use spoon and other utensils to pretend to eat, say no all the time (boy we're in trouble), rides the "race car" grocery cart, giggles all the time, points to body parts, has a sense of humor, and more.  Don't' know how she is growing up so much!
She also still oscillates between sleeping through the night and keeping us up all night.  Right now I am going off of 2 hours of sleep, thank you BD :)


God has really been teaching us a lot lately about raising BD to be a child of joy.


One of my goals this year is to write an ebook, I was thinking about getting started, but I am already at a road block- which topic???  Here are my ideas, which do you think is best?
*Moving Tips and Tricks (We sure have moved enough to write a book about this, we are also about to move so this might be timely)
*Baby on a budget
*Cloth diapering 

So I only have 4 things this week… that's just the way it goes sometimes! :)


  1. I think any of those topics would be great for an E-Book! I love all the 'Friday' posts - I often do a Friday Favorites post just for the fun of it : )

    1. Thanks for the input…. now it is just finding the time to write it! :)