Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday :)


We went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures this past weekend with some students to celebrate the end of the year.  It was so fun and easy, even with a baby.  Also, you can bet we did it on a budget… so there should be a post about that coming soon!


Get excited for 

What You Wish Wednesday!  

It is a brand new link up starting this coming Wednesday.  This is a great opportunity to link up with other bloggers and read posts from new people!  Just as the title suggests, you can link up just about whatever you want!  Please stop by this coming Wednesday and share!


I can't be live this school year is over :(.  We just had preschool graduation last night, and it was so cute.  They had caps and gowns and the whole 9 yards! I have LOVED this year, my wonderful co-teacher, the 8 boys we had the privilege to teach, all the other teachers we worked with, and the school we taught at.
I received one of sweetest gifts I have ever received as a teacher this year!  A scrapbook, with a page from each child:)


BD now sleeps like this all the time… and it cracks me up.


I wrote For the days that feel like too much… earlier this week.  Then I proceeded to get 10 different texts asking if we found anything out about job stuff.  Nope.  Totally unrelated. And we still don't know where we are going, if you were wondering. Maybe next week:)?



  1. Loving the cute Universal snapshots! How fun (: Happy {almost} weekend, Stasia!

    1. Thanks Brenda! It was so fun and we are looking forward to the weekend!!! :)

  2. can you believe I've never been to Universal?? I just always feel like I would be too sad to not be at Disney. But it does look pretty fun! Hopefully one day...!

  3. I want to go to Universal so bad, but it is looking more like a trip to Lego Land this year. That's okay though. I'm sure we will have more fun watching them have a blast, anyway. It looks like y'all had a good time.

    I'm really excited about the What You Wish Wednesday, and look forward to getting to know you better.

    Your daughter is adorable!