Friday, May 16, 2014


This year has been a journey for me personally.  It started reading when I read 7 by Jen Hatmaker and leading a Bible Study on it… and BOOM, I was hit with it.  The sheer abundance we are living in, when there is a world living in poverty.  Andrew and I used to joke about being poor- part-time preschool teacher and an intern campus minister, but we don't joke about it anymore.  We have so much.  

But, my sinful desire is still for more of everything- food, clothes, possessions, technology, etc, etc… and I am still sorting through this, our family is still sorting through this. 
What does this mean in our family's life? 
If more is not better, then how much is too much?  
What can I do now?  
What do I start with?  
The rest of the summer, who am I kidding, the rest of our lives we will ponder these things.

International Justice Mission and Noonday Collection are two organizations that I have come across this year that are truly passionate about seeking justice.  One of the goals of these organizations is getting people to use their purchasing power to reach and help the poor.  Join me as I not only pray for, and spread the word about these organizations… but also start to see how I can contribute, to give sacrificially myself.  Maybe you can too!

International Justice Mission and Noonday Collection are teaming up for #styleforjustice campaign! A group of women is going to Rwanda in July to reach the people there… and I could be one of them.  I don't usually do contests where people have to vote for me… but I figure this is speeding awareness, and hopefully spurring people to action for a good cause… so I will go with it :). 

You can vote for me {HERE}

Now through May 28th… you can vote for me once per day.  Whether I go or not (and there are already 253 other people already trying for the spot) my hope is that 
I will start to take real action to pursue justice. 
That my family will start to take real action to pursue justice.
And that some of you will start to take real action to pursue justice.


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