Monday, May 26, 2014

65 in 365 update 2

Almost 5 months through the year… and here we are!

1. Fix Nursery Canvas and Decor
2. Learn to Make Natural Cleaning Supplies
3. Clean out and organize stockpile 
4. Some how display the places we have lived
5. Some how display the places we have visited
6. Have an organized move this summer (because we will probably move this summer)
7. Set up new home (because we will probably move someplace new this summer)


8. Learn how to put hovering pintrest buttons on my pictures
9. Learn how to do my own graphics and design
10. Start Facebook page see Facebook page here
11. Reach 100 followers- I am so close!  If you have not followed me yet… please do so! :)  You can also follow me in the following places:

12. Update everything on the blog… about me, pic, etc. (mainly to include BD)

Business/Money Making

13. Go through all our clothes… sell what we don't use 
14. Have a garage salescheduled for March 8th
15. Go through books and DVDs… sell what we don't use
16. Get my Ebay shop really going
17. Research/Become cloth diaper consultant see my shop here!:)

18. Research/Become car seat technician  - researched and went with the cloth diaper consultant… felt like I would enjoy that more… but if you want to learn about how to make sure your child is as safe as possible in the car check out this FB group- Car Seats for the Littles!


19. Read Allegiant- 
20-24. Read 5 other books just for fun
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
*Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth
Seven: A Mutany on Excess by Jen Hatmaker
25. Have silent time… to just be  this is continual… but it is happening most days :)
26. Run 2nd half marathon- beat first time- February 23rd!
27. Memorize at least a verse of scripture a week- This has been a major fail… I honestly have not done it since the beginning of the year.  I am going to do some prep work and really start this next week!
28. Read through the whole Bible- pretty much on track, need to catch up on my Old Testament reading
29. Read through Acts in depth-Have not started yet… this is where I am going next!
30. Publish an ebook (probably a lofty goal… but I am going to shoot for the moon!)  This is coming.  I am picking my topic right now and I am about to start writing!
31. Learn to bake cakes/cupcakes- Did this for BD's bday!
32. Become a better cook- working on this… kind of anyway :)

33. Organize and back up all pictures
34-38. Photo album year 1-5 of marriage
39. Work on some family traditions
40. Have a picnic
41. Create online address book
42. Go through Bible for Kids together each night- continual… but it is happening most days :)

43. Make family picture book- Wanted to get this done before BD's birthday! Didn't happen :(
44. Make a map of the missionaries we know/are praying for
45. Plan and put on an awesome 1st birthday for BD- on a budget!-  You can see it here

46. Write weekly in BD prayer journal- Another fail… I will start again this week!
47.  Research "homeschool" toddler activities and plans- Hopefully will do some fun toddler activities all summer long


48. Go on at least 1 "real" date a month- continual… but it is happening most months :)
49. Breakfast/Coffee/Cheap/Free Dates 1 time a week- continual… but it is happening weeks :)
50. Have one getaway weekend Not sure if it counts if we bring BD, but since I am still her food source we will count it…  weekend in Hilton Head… so fun and relaxing

51. Complete Shepherding a Child's Heart -It only took us almost a year
52. Complete Grace Based Parenting
53. Complete Give them Grace- Reading this one right now!

Adventures/For Fun

54. Go on a girls trip Planned for June!
55. Christmas Cookie Party
56. Go to NOLA  so fun… check out our trip here and here
57. Visit Grandparents in Annapolis Hopefully in late June or early July...
58. Visit Grandparents in Florida ( Disney trip while there) You can read about this here
59. Visit PeePaw in Alabama - We had so much fun for his 87th birthday!
60. Go to a UGA game


61. Sponsor a child- We raised $300 from BD's Birthday party… but we still need to actually sponsor a child.  
62. Surprise someone with something wonderful
63. Donate as much as we spend at Christmas time (or more) to missions
64. Find a way to continually serve our local community
65. Help fund an adoption- Hate to cross this one off… because we pal to continue to do more!  If you are looking for a place to give The Fridmann Family and Living 1:27 Foster Care Ministry are great options!



  1. That's a great list!! I love the idea. I'm also reading Shepherding a Child's Heart right now. Such a good book :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, We really loved Shepherding a Child's Heart, but it was also challenging to me and the way I thought I would parent.

  2. I admire your verve and fortitude. My lists are a day by day thing, and when they get too long, I start them over with something I can handle! Isn't it amazing, though, when you keep track of what you're doing over time, you see how very much you actually DO? I used to keep track of the things I knitted, and after a year I thought, "I seriously did all that?" Congratulations to you and your family, and for all the wonderful things you are doing!

    1. Thanks! I am a list person through in through, big picture lists like this one, and day by day ones. I always have to put a few things on that are easy so I can cross them off and build momentum!