Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guest Post: Summer Fashion

So excited to bring you another guest post!  This is Melissa from Simply Sweet Melissa.  She is quite fashionable and I am trying to learn from her ways!  She is sharing some ideas for summer fashion on a budget… and I am taking notes!:)

Happy Thursday, y'all! My name is Melissa and I blog over at Simply Sweet Melissa and I couldn't be more excited to be writing a guest post for Stasia today! Not only does she have the prettiest little girl ever, but we seem to have a lot in common and I've gotten to know her better over the past week and love her laid back demeanor. And I can't go without saying how beyond excited I am that we are also helping co-host a new link up that started YESTERDAY! If you missed it, check out Stasia's post from yesterday and be sure to link-up with us next week!

Summer Fashion

But for now I want to go ahead and dive into a topic on summer fashion! Summer is one of my favorite times of the year because it's one of those seasons that I get in the mood to experiment with clothing, colors, patterns, you name it. But with experimenting comes spending more money then I would like to, so this is were I try to find those classic and timeless summer looks that can transition from one look to the next.
"Summer Fashion Tips" by mscheek on Polyvore

 A lot of my friends like to lean towards lots of floral prints in the summer which is great, but why not invest in that rose gold necklace you've had your eye on? That necklace because of it's simple touches could be paired with pretty much everything you own! And that blush colored pink maxi skirt you saw on sale at the mall? Ring it up for me please! That maxi could be worn for a casual day out running errands or dressed up with a crop top. That options are endless, ladies! Summer fashion is so fun because the options are limitless and so fun!

Summertime is also (in my opinion) perfect for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Never in my life would I have thought I could pull off bright bold jewelry or a floppy sunhat but I was wrong! The pop of color against your "simple summer look" can played up the vibe of your whole look more then you even know. It's all about picking your pieces and putting them together with items that you wouldn't necessarily think makes sense. But that's just doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money on a bunch of different items of clothing or accessories when you can invest in a handful of things that can be transitioned over the course of years! Just take a look at Stasia! She always looks adorable in all the photos I see on her blog and yet her motto is all about budgeting and that's the key to this all! Put your money where it's well spent and work with the items that you've got. And viola, your a fashionista and you might not have even known it! 

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  1. Very the skirt and shirt with the hat and sandals---too fun for summer:) found today at a little r and r linky. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for coming by! We do a link up on Wednesday too if you want to link up here as well! :)